Saving Electricity Bill With AC

The weather outside is not warm its hot, nothing besides an AC works in this weather. But besides providing a cool it gives a bill thats damn hot. What can be done to save electricity bill from soaring high?

To understand that we’ll first start by knowing the bigger part that solves the problem, i.e. how an AC works?

How an AC works?

AC doesn’t only throw cool Air in fact it takes the Air from inside the room, cools it and throws it back, it follows a cycle. The Air that AC pulls in passes through the evaporator coil that makes it cool. The evaporator coil has a liquid agent inside it called refrigerant that changes it state from liquid to gas to absorb all the heat that’s in the collected Air. The cooled Air is thrown inside the room through a fan or blower that’s inside the AC. Now the refrigerant has to be converted back to liquid to continue cooling of next batch of collected Air in the same process. To do so the refrigerant is passed through high pressure, this makes the heat absorbed by refrigerant come out. This heat is now thrown outside the AC with the help of second fan and condenser coils by converting heat gas into liquid. That’s why we see water coming out of our AC through a small pipe. Now what about compressor, well it’s the compressor that does all the refrigerant pumping work in the evaporator coil. Refrigerators also work on the same principle, they too have these two set of coils, evaporator coil that’s inside the Refrigerator and Condenser coils that we see outside the refrigerator. Refrigerator is nothing but an AC with a much smaller room size and much lesser desired temperature.

We often hear a change in sound of AC that we vaguely understand as compressor getting stopped and just the fan inside that’s operational, but we never changed the mode. Well we thought it right, actually the compressor stopped and it was just the fan that was working. This happens so because the Air inside the room reached the desired temperature. The thermostat that’s inside the AC checks the temperature of the air that’s inside the room and stops the compressor when the desired temperature level is reached and keeps the fan on to continue the circulation of cool air.

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Where do we get with all this?

With all this we know how does AC amplifies our bill, if the compressor keeps working our bills will surely shoot up. Wanting a cool room quickly doesn’t mean 16 or 18 degree C, it doesn’t happen so. Getting room temperature to 16 degree C from 35 degree C simply means compressor has to run run and run because the gap is large. Also, it’s not 16 degree C that’s makes us comfortable its 24 or 25 degree C that makes us comfortable. Also, according to ASHRAE (American Society of Heating, Refrigerating and Air-Conditioning Engineers), the ideal temperature for thermal comfort ranges between 23.5 degree C and 25.5 degree C in summers.

So, What’s the Take?

Set the temperature to a comfortable range i.e. 24 or rather 25 degree C. Do not opt for Quick Cool as it sets the desired temperature to 16 or 18 degree C making the compressor work for more and soar your electricity bill.

Besides what are the other factors that impact the electricity bill due to AC

  1. Of course the room temperature
  2. Desired temperature
  3. Size of the room
  4. Thermal insulation of the room
  5. Gaps that get heated Air inside the room from outside

Control whichever you can

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