Future of Email Marketing

Email Marketing continues to be the most preferred modes of marketing. Though Social Media Marketing is picking up the pace, but Email Marketing is still one of the best methods to reach and interact with the consumer directly. It gives the opportunity to understand the customer at user level and build a relationship accordingly. Better when it comes to personalisation. Lets see which all trends do we see in future of Email Marketing.

Source: pixabay.com

1. Move to Mobile

According to Litmus report Email open on mobile has increased 21% compared to last year. With 51% opens of Mail opens on Mobile the Marketer sure has to work around the look and feel of the Email on the Mobile. The Mail has to have a mobile friendly content and has to provide a solid experience for the reader and not the replica version of WebMail. It has to be less of clutter and more of meaning to capture readers attention.

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2. As Ever – The Content

The user is getting intelligent and is no more interested in boring content, like click to buy etc. The content has to be Value-driven informative, engaging, targeted, entertaining and interactive. This doesn’t mean it has to be a clutter of all but it has to use these methods in a manner that the Email is able to simply capture that moment of the reader. It can carry a case study or have a viral video or an interactive poll or quiz to keep the reader involved.

Source: Pixabay.com

3. Just not number crunching

It’s extremely important to work around the numbers, but it’s far more important to apply the resultant data. It’s the time of hyper targeting and not broadcasts. The marketer has to dive into data understand and segment consumer preferences and accordingly target the consumer with the content subscriber is interested in. It creates more engagement, and more familiarity between the brand and consumer.

Source: Pixabay.com

4. Marketing Email on Social Networks

Social Networks love advertising revenue. Facebook does have a Mail feature too. Would this be the future to look at? Though not explored till now, but Marketing Mails on Social Media can be a good idea. The core, of course, has to be the right content and no boring click to buy Emails. The marketer can use the social media components of the consumer and accordingly design the targeted Mail Content.

Source: Pixabay.com

5. Not to forget the Basics

Keeping the basics right is extremely important.

Subject Line: Well formulated subject line with Catchy words and not too long will be the readers first click before he reaches well researched targeted content, so it’s extremely important to design that right

Social Buttons: Sharing helps the Marketer more than the consumer, it’s the new word of mouth. According toGetResponse, emails with sharing buttons have a 158% higher click thru rate.

Time to blast: According to the study by Experian the time of the day that received the best email open rate was post 8:00 pm to midnight. In fact the average order was also highest in these time slots. Study your numbers and send accordingly

Source: Pixabay.com


The Marketer has to think outside the box. It’s a constantly changing environment with consumer becoming intelligent every second. The devices are evolving at a rapid rate. Connected devices, touch screen, Health sensors, etc., are the new today. With Email still being the best way to market and reach the subscriber the Marketer has to use relevant information to create most targeted and powerful content to be delivered in right form to ever evolving consumer.

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